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Rights recognised, but after two years of continuous struggle

Publication Date :27-Mar-2012

It was March 27th, 2012. There was a huge gathering at the Gram Panchyat office of Turiguda to receive the titles over the forest land on which they are cultivating for generation.The smiling faces were very prominent on that not, for on that day their rights got recognised.

Uniformity in Titles, End of Discrepancy in Sight

Publication Date :17-Aug-2012

RCDC has ensured, through advocacy, uniformity in titles issued to claims under FRA.

IRFC as a CC Adaptation Option

Publication Date :21-Jul-2014

IRFC as a CC Adaptation Option - with case study of Sri Ashok Das

Well placed

Publication Date :15-Sep-2014

Well Placed: All resident of this poor tribal habitation are affected with fluorosis but were ignorant of the reason. When they learnt that water of the tubewell is the reason for their misery, they waited for help from government. But when that too was not forthcoming they took up challenge themselves and constructed a well within two months with their own contribution.

Village Housewives Become Climate Warriors!

Publication Date :23-Sep-2014

Case studies on nutrition garden initiatives from Balikuda.

Alert Task Force Members Ready for More

Publication Date :26-Sep-2014

A Case study on Task Force at Khadikadanda village in Balikuda Block.

Fuel Efficient Stoves Prove their Worth

Publication Date :08-Oct-2014

A case study on the need and use of fuel efficient stoves in Paribartan project target area